January 1 New Year’s Day.

February 5 Mexican Constitution.

March 21 President Benito Juarez’s Birthday.

April X Easter.

May 1 Labor Day and official Day of Rest for workers.

September 15 and 16 Independence Day.

November 2 Day of the Dead.

November 20 Mexican Revolution Day marking the Civil War of 1910.

December 12 Day of the Virgin Guadalupe (Mexicans’ patroness). Mass is generally celebrated by union members during their lunch break.

December 24 Christmas Eve.

December 25 Christmas.

Check with your Mexican production manager to see which holidays may affect work schedules and/or require overtime payments for Mexican union employees. Check with your broker to see which holidays affect border crossings of commercial goods. While some holidays limit temporary exports from the U.S. into México, they may still allow definite exports (expendables).

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