Foreigners are protected by Chapter I, Title I of the Mexican Constitution.

Article 17 III: No individual can be detained or imprisoned for a civil debt.

Article 19 III: While in detention, no individual should be subject to abuse.

Article 20 II: Under no circumstance, will an individual be incommunicado while in detention.

Article 20 V: Persons detained may offer any proof necessary on behalf of their defense.

Article 20 IX: An attorney may be appointed at the moment of detention.

Other rights: When the defendant does not speak Spanish, the District Attorney provides an interpreter. If the case involves a traffic accident and if the person being held is injured, they will be provided immediate medical attention in a public hospital or, in special circumstances, at a private facility. A person being detained can obtain provisional release from the District Attorney by showing proof of Mexican Automobile liability insurance, if the detainee was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident. This is why it is important to have Mexican auto insurance. Visitors have the obligation to obey and respect the laws, authorities, and government officials.

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