a) While driving in town, the far right lane is not a driving lane. This is for bicycles and a lane to make backing out of parking easier.

b) ALTO means “stop” when seen on street signs.

c) Stop sign violations are quite common especially for personnel just arriving in México. The stop signs in México are very often hard to see and may even be completely obstructed from view. Watch for signs, and until you get accustomed to your surroundings, take special precaution while driving in México.

d) You may turn right at a red light. You must give the right of way to traffic on the thorough fare; and if you get involved in an accident at the light where you turned right on red, you are automatically at fault.

e) Always wear seat belts.

f) NO E: an E with a slash through it means “no parking”.

g) CASETA DE COBRO: Toll booth coming up.


i) All speed signs are in kilometers per hour, unless shown otherwise.

j) If you are sighted for a traffic violation, you are required to follow the police car to the police station to pay the fine.

k) While driving the highway (toll road) and major thoroughfares, be aware that it is no unusual to see pedestrians climb over center dividers, run across the road, jog and ride bicycles along side traffic. Dogs also dart across major roads when you least expect it; so again, drive defensively.

If you should be stopped please be courteous and polite, if you are solicited for money, tell the officer you are working on a production at Baja Studios and ask for his name and badge number. The incident should be reported to Miguel Muñoz (Studio’s security) as soon as possible. Policemen cannot and should not receive a any fine or money at all. If you were speeding or run a stop sign ask the police for a written citation, you can go with the officer to the police station and pay the fine usually about 20.00 dollars, or you can pay by mail with a check or money order made out to:

H. Ayuntamiento Municipal de Playas de Rosarito B.C.
PO BOX 439016
San Ysidro, CA 92143-9016

If you would like to get a receipt mailed, include a stamped, self addressed envelope. If you consider you citation unfair you may appeal to the Municipal Judge at the police Station. The Tourist assistance hot line dial # 078; for comments, suggestions or complaints call the Convention and Visitors Bureau in Rosarito at 612 0396 or visit www.rosarito.org

Should one (or more) of your company vehicles be in an auto accident while in México, your U.S. policy may cover the repair for the actual physical damage of your vehicle. In México, a vehicle involved in an accident could be impounded until fault is determined. Having Mexican liability coverage guarantees you the right to settle all damages in the event you are found to be at fault. Local Mexican auto liability is a compulsory federal requirement. You will go to jail if you have an accident and do not have insurance.

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