Film Unions

Foreign film productions working in México are usually required to be represented by a union; this is especially true if foreign workers are to be employed. There are four Mexican film unions. They are STIC, SITATYR, STYM and ANDA. With the exemption of STYM all of them have offices in Tijuana.
Whichever union you choose to use, it will be instrumental in the process of securing work permits for your non- Mexican cast and crew members. It will also negotiate the numbers and positions of Mexican crew you will be required to employ on your production.

STIC representatives will negotiate salaries and terms on a picture-to-picture basis depending on your needs, your budget and the length of time you will be filming in México. If you need information contact Jorge Sanchez at 011 52 (55) 5264 32 21 or (55) 5264 35 68. Or contact Florisse Vazquez at Baja Studios since the facilities union agreement is with STIC.

SITATYR primarily represents television technicians but is sanctioned to represent technicians and craftspeople from the cinematography (film) industry as well. You or your production manager can contact David Ruvalcaba who works with SITATYR at (664) 634 04 13. Crew members represented by SITATYR are paid at three different levels based on their degree of competency/skill and rates are also negotiated on a picture-to-picture basis.

STYM is based in México City. Their phone is: (55) 5575 0655. If you use STIC or STYM, you will also need to negotiate with the Mexican actor’s union Asociacion Nacional de Actores (ANDA), which is headquartered in México City phones: (55) 5705-0624, (55) 5705-0874, (55) 5705-1124 or (55) 5705-133 with an office in Tijuana , contact: Cesar Manjarrez Nuñez phone (664) 684 2637 or (664) 684 2203.

ANDA will require that you send them a copy of your script. As with the other film unions, you will be able to negotiate a deal with them on a picture-by-picture basis. If you are not planning to use Mexican actors, you will be required to pay ANDA a fee based on what each non-Mexican actor earns while working in México plus a “displacement” fee. to compensate for allowing non-Mexican actors to perform in México.
ANDA will help secure work permits for non-Mexican actors and will govern the rates and working conditions of Mexican actors. Under certain circumstances, and through an existing agreement with ANDA, SITATYR may also represent actors on your film. In some cases you will be charged a “displacement” fee for non-Mexicans working on your film.

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