Workshop 1 is an insulated steel building, 230’ x 90’ x 40’. Used primarily for set fabrication.

Workshop 2 is an insulated steel building, 230’ x 85’ x 40’. This workshop is divided into separate areas for the Grip and Electric, Props and Camera departments. It also houses the Scaffolding Company Kwik Rig.

Workshop Tunnels: There are three covered 60’ x 30’ x 20’ buildings on concrete pads which can be used for plaster shops, welding or paint workshops.

Workshop 3 is an insulated steel building, 260’ x 130’ x 16’. One part of the building is for Wardrobe and capable of housing and laundering thousands of costumes. A tailor area, dying facilities and laundry allow for easy wardrobe management. Another part of this building has been divided off to accommodate a fully equipped Art Department where you can find drawing tables, stools, blue print copying machines and storage cabinets. The same building is capable of providing makeup and hair support for any number of extras performers. On Titanic, more than two thousand extras were made ready for shooting through this facility.

Workshop 4 is steel building, 60‘ x 32’ x 14’, which is set up for light construction or set storage.

Workshop 5 is 80’ x 50’ x 20’. This shop has been set up primarily for special effects fabrication.

The Actor’s Building is a centrally located structure with space for over 40 performers.This building alleviates the need for talent trailers and related support equipment. The private dressing rooms are fully furnished. Makeup, hair and wardrobe rooms, a fitness center, and a gym are all part of the facility.

Backlot 1 comprises approximately five acres (15,000 sq. meters) and has about five hundred feet of unobstructed ocean front view.

Backlot 2 is approximately 8 acres.

Offices buildings A, B and C offer about 17,000 square feet of permanent office space.

ADR Studio excellent sound room, on site pro tools, sound equipment, technicians and office space.

Production Commissary with a seating capacity of 500 persons, and an industrial kitchen. For more information and/or catering rates for your production, you can contact Guillermo Oceguera at Banquetes y Servicios de Cristal Phone [01152 (664)] 526 1772 / (664) 686 8309 Fax 01152 (664) 626 2116 .It is also possible to bring an outside caterer for your production.

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