Steel Buildings with 24-foot wide roll-up doors, man doors and concrete floors. The roofs carry hanging loads of up to 300 pounds/lineal ft. Stages 2, 3 and 4 have perimeter catwalks and crosswalks for supporting various lighting grids.

Stage 2 The interior of Stage 2 measures 250´ x 130´ x 50´ with 4 roll up doors. It contains a 100´ x 200´ x 29´ deep tank. Height from the tank bottom to the light grid is 75´. Stage 2 is fitted with a hydraulic lifting system, which can be used wet or dry (see additional information on hydraulic controlled riser platform).

Stage 3 dimensions are130´ x 130´ x 50´ with two 24-foot roll-up doors plus 3 man doors.

Stage 4 dimensions are 130´ x 130´ x 50´, with two 24´ roll up doors plus 3 man doors. It contains a 100´ x 100´ x 4´ deep tank with an overflow horizon. A 12´ drive through door provides access into the tank area for dry shooting and set construction. Inside this tank is a deeper 30´ x 35´ x 12´ deep insert tank.

Stage 5 dimensions are 100' x 200' x 30´ ­ 37´ ( split level ) with two 24 foot roll up doors and 5 man doors. 6

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