Tank 2 is situated inside Stage 2. Access to the tank is through four roll-up doors or through a 20´ wide concrete ramp that enters near the bottom of the tank. The tank is 100´ x 200´ x 29´ feet deep with a capacity just over 4.3 million gallons. Height from the tank bottom to the light grid is 75´. The filtration plant provides seawater to the tank via adjustable inlets and outlets, making it possible to operate the tank at any depth greater than two feet. Located inside the tank is a 90´ x 160´ steel platform supported by a unique hydraulic motion control system that allows for sets weighing up to 0.6 million pounds to be lifted (heavier sets needs to be offset using buoyancy) lowered and tilted up to 30 degrees in and out of the tank with total control. The steel platform was designed to work with unidirectional loads. These lifting points are located at the edge of four parallel main beams. The riser platform is capable of supporting distributed loads of up to 1.2 million pounds including the weight of the platform. The distributed loads can be people, furniture, sets or other fixtures. Concentrated (point) loads are allowed only if they are applied perpendicular to the surface of the platform. Concentrated loads must coincide with defined areas on the main or secondary beams. The riser platform cannot support additional dynamic loads or loads parallel to the platform. The lifting points may not be altered.

Large hydraulic rams and a 2:1 pulley/cable system enable the platform to be lifted in and out of the water in tank 2. Using a computerized control system, the set’s placement and rate of movement can be controlled within inches. The riser platform can be lowered or raised at a maximum rate of +/- 2.5 feet/second.

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