Tank 1 is a poured concrete pool with a total area of over 360,000 square feet (600´ x 600´ irregular shape). Most of this area is 3.5 feet deep, but two deeper sections may be filled independent of each other prior to flooding the entire tank. There is a 130 foot by 200 foot section which can be flooded to a depth of 40 feet. The other section is a 30 foot wide by 300 foot long section which is 15 feet deep. When Tank 1 is filled, an overflow weir on the ocean side of the tank creates a 420-foot long seamless (infinite) horizon with the Pacific Ocean beyond it. Tank 1 has a maximum capacity of 17 million gallons. It can be completely filled or drained in about 40 hours. Tank 1 is serviced by a 162 feet tall motorized tower crane, which can be used as a lighting and camera platform in addition to its uses for set construction.

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