Rosarito is a resort community. Around March 15th (spring break) the town starts getting busy. After Easter, it quiets down just a little until schools break for the summer. High season is throughout the summer until after Labor Day. Three-day weekends are always the busiest. The city of Rosarito hosts several special events each year, so check with the local tourism office for more specific information.

Depending upon the time of year your company plans to be in the Rosarito area and the number of cast and crew members you are providing housing for, there is a variety of hotels, motels, condos and rental homes to choose from.

Finding housing can often be a full-time job in itself. If your budget will allow, it makes sense to have a designated housing coordinator evaluate housing, take pictures andpresent options, negotiate rates and lease agreements, work with hotel managers and real estate agents, finalize rental agreements and locate the right accommodations to meet your specific needs and contractual obligations.

The following list of hotels, motels, condo complexes and housing communities are suggestions. There are additional possibilities and contacts, but these will get you started in the right direction.

Rates are negotiated on a case-by-case basis depending on the season, how many rooms you will be taking and the span of time the rooms will be occupied. At the time of this writing, group rates vary from $45 to $125 per night.

The hotels to consider are:

Real Del Mar - Marriott Residence Inn
011 52 (664) 631 3670/74
011 52 (664) 631 3677 (fax)
Contact: Raul Mendoza, General Manager
A golf resort, this hotel is 17 minutes north of the studio, and is by far, the nicest in the area and ideal for your cast. They offer upscale, comfortable 1-bedroom suites with kitchens, (they have two 2-bedroom suites as well). In addition to the golf course, there is a tennis court, spa, gym and pool. Laundry facilities, direct dial phones, a fine restaurant and room service are also to be found here.

Las Rocas Hotel
011 52 (661) 612 2140
Contacts: Cesar Castillo or Willy Llamas
5 minutes south of the studio with ocean views, nice rooms ocean side, restaurant, beautiful new spa and direct dial phones. The view is terrific, and it’s your “resort” choice.

The Grand Baja Resort Hotel
011 52 (661) 614 1484/93
011 52 (661) 614 1486
Contact: Raul Aragon
About 10 minutes south of the studio on the ocean, no restaurant, some of the rooms have kitchenettes. Next to the lobster village.

Rosarito Beach Hotel and Spa
011 52 (661) 612 0144
011 52 (661) 612 1176 (fax)
One of the oldest, most established hotels in downtown Rosarito. The amenities are there, but they are almost always booked with tourists.

Festival Plaza Hotel
011 52 (661) 612 2950
Contact: Ricardo Martinez
From the front, it looks like a roller coaster. It’s in town and generally noisy (especially on weekends); but for those who want to be where the action is -- this is it. They have several restaurants and bars (live music), a swimming pool, Jacuzzis -- and a big ferries wheel in their courtyard. No complaints about the rooms or the food, just about the noise.

Tijuana Hotels
If you need additional rooms, and everything is booked-up in the Rosarito area, consider the following Tijuana hotels:
Camino Real
011 52 (664) 633 4000

Hotel Lucerna
011 52 (664) 633 3900

Hoteles Baja Inn
011 52 (664) 608 0222

The Grand Hotel 011 52 (664) 681 7000

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