Courier services are ideal for smaller shipments, important documentation, and last minute “rushes” that your Transportation Department cannot handle.

We recommend the following:

Production Assist. Int’l
(310) 412 2306
Contact: Milton Reyes

Film Freight
(310) 568 8403
Contact: Mike Harper

Courier’s International
(310) 337 1830
Contact: Liz

DLS International
(310) 822 9040
Contact: Roger Davey

DHL Worldwide Express
(800) 225 5345

Airborne Express
(310) 337 1830

Sending anything other than documents via a courier service will still require that you prepare a pro-forma shipping invoice. You will need to keep track of courier shipments just as you do all others, especially on temporary exports that will re-enter the U.S. If something is sent into México via courier on an emergency basis after hours, it does not necessarily have to go back the same way. You can transport it back into the U.S. with other returning goods but will need a copy of the documentation (pedimento) it entered México with. You should be able to get a copies of pedimentos (or the pedimento numbers at the very least) from your courier company contact.

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