If you plan to bring equipment, props and set dressing, wardrobe, materials and supplies from Los Angeles and San Diego, it stands to reason that your primary shipper might be your own Transportation Department. Your broker can also provide the services of his in-house trucks and drivers. The broker’s vehicles are registered to operate in both sides US & México and can make pickups in Los Angeles California or at the studio.

Recommended Shippers:

Production Assist. Int’l
1 (310) 412 2306
Contact: Milton Reyes ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Film Freight
1 (310) 568 8403
Contact: Mike Harper

Geoff Abadee
1 (310) 505 0410

U.S. Express
1 (310) 670 2230
Contacts: Bob or Jim Krause

Southern Counties Express
1 (619) 661 5110
Contact: Dulce Verjan

MAP Cargo
1 (619) 661 1858
9255 Customhouse Plaza, Suite #F
(619) 661 5514
San Diego, Ca. 92154
Contact: Carlos Morineau

CYMSE Brokers
1 (619) 661 1972
1 (619) 661 1988
8649 Avenida de la Fuente
San Diego, Ca. 92154

These companies can easily deliver shipments to the border; and given notice, can lineup vehicles with the correct permits or Mexican vehicles and drivers, so they can deliver directly to the studio. (Not all U.S. carriers will allow their vehicles into México.)

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