Non-Mexican licensed trucks weighting in excess of 8,000 lbs. require an endorsement stamp from the SCT (the equivalent of our Department of Transportation) in order to be driven into México. Trucks being driven without Mexican plates or an SCT endorsement are subject to fines and confiscation. SCT endorsements are not easily obtainable, but your broker should be able to help with the process.

When bringing an enclosed trailer or flatbed into Baja, it must be hooked up to a Mexican tractor to transport across the border. If that isn’t possible, the load can be transferred onto a Mexican trailer at the border. Arrangements can be made with your broker to tow or transferred. Additionally, many U.S. trucking companies consign loads to Mexican trucking companies to ensure that proper vehicles are used in crossing shipments into México.

Exceptions to this law would be specialized equipment (such as the Musco Mobile Lighting truck, Night Sun truck or Akela Crane truck) where the equipment is built right into the truck unit. Specialized equipment will require a letter requesting permission for these companies to be able to transport their owner-operated vehicles (driven by U.S. drivers) directly into México.

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