Both U.S. and Mexican Customs will accommodate an occasional after-hours crossing in an emergency situation if it is a true emergency and such favors are not requested on a regular basis. They also require advanced notice, usually before noon to make an after hours crossing, and before noon on Friday to make a Saturday after 11:00 a.m. or Sunday crossing.

Permission from U.S. Customs is initiated by writing a letter to Joyce Henderson, Otay Mesa Port Director, it may be faxed to: 1 (619) 661 3049.
The letter, on your company letterhead, must explain the nature of the emergency and the necessity for an after-hours or weekend crossing. Fax a copy to your broker, as they will follow up for you and intercede if there is a problem.

Request for permission from Mexican Customs can be handled through your broker. Special arrangements must be made and additional costs will be incurred to compensate border personnel for working overtime and/or weekends.

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