You need a current passport that will not expire prior to the end of your work schedule in México. In Los Angeles, the U.S. Passport Agency is at the Federal Building at 11000 Wilshire Blvd.- Rm. 13100, which is open from 8 a.m. till 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. If a renewal is needed, you can send someone to the passport agency with the documentation (listed below) to apply on behalf of that person. If a person’s passport has been expired for more than twelve (12) years, they must apply for a new passport in person.
The person applying for a new U.S. passport or a renewal will need to provide:

a) Completed passport application, which can be picked up at the Passport Agency or at a post office (there are two different forms, make sure you have the right one).

b) 2 passport photos.

c) Letter from the company (on company letterhead) addressed to the Passport Agency requesting that the processing of this passport be expedited because this person is needed to travel to México for purposes of working on a film.

d) Copy of this person’s travel itinerary (or possibly their plane ticket). Applications for expedited passports should be made no more than 10 days prior to departure. If you want to get one sooner, you will have to produce a “dummy” travel itinerary indicating a date more compatible with the date of application.

e) If the application is for a renewal, the applicant should bring his or her old passport.

f) The passport application fee at present is: $85 (including execution fee) for a first time passport, $55 for a renewal, $60 for the expediting fee.

g) While there, the applicant can pick up a form, which he or she may sign authorizing another individual to pick up his or her new passport when ready.
Expedited passports are ready within three (3) working days.

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