For tracking purposes, each pro-forma should include the name of your production and/or production entity. It must also have a Shipping Manifest Number. The shipping manifest number, along with the pedimento number will be what identifies each shipment coming in and going out of México; and these I.D. numbers will be kept in your files, your brokers’ files and in Custom’s files (and computers).
You can devise your own system to use as a shipping manifest number, but one that has proved to be the successful is an eight digit number, followed by a two or three letter department code.

An example would be: 05-09-27-01-PD
05 = the year
09 = the month
27 = the day
01 = first shipment for that day
PD = Production Department (department code)

Suggested department codes are:

Department Code
Accounting AC
Animals AN
Art Dept. AR
Camera CAM
Cast-Related CR
Catering CA
Construction CS
Communications CM
Editorial ED
Electric EL
Extras EX
Grip GR
Locations LOC
Makeup/Hair MH
Marine MR
Medical Equipment ME
Miscellaneous MS
Paint PT
Production PD
Props PR
Publicity PB
Scaffolding SF
Set Dressing SD
Sound SN
Special Effects SE
Still Photography SP
Stunts ST
Tank Equipment TE
Transportation TR
Video Equipment VE
Visual Effects VFX
Wardrobe WD
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