Wood Products
You will need to specify not only the amount of wood you will be importing, but also the type of wood. Having a permit for oak will not allow you to cross pine. Also be aware that you may need a permit for items that are made (or partially made) of wood. Permits for wood products also necessitate a fumigation certificate.

Plants trees and shrubs
Supply your broker the scientific names and quantities of the greens you wish to import.

Real and prop firearms, require permits from both the U.S. and México. In addition, firearms and ammunition must be escorted to and from the border by members of the Mexican military. Preparations must be made well in advance to accommodate these arrangements.

You need a special permit granted by the Mexican Minister of Defense(Army) and also an authorized place to store them. This permit is subject to a 2-month minimum wait for approval period. The studio has fully licensed permanent storage magazines on site.

Live Fish
If you plan to import fish for tank scenes, you will need to supply your broker with the following information: species of each (scientific name), sub-variety, age (is it an adult fish?) sex, quantity and how are they being shipped/transported. Allow plenty of lead time for these permits.

Other items that will typically require permits are: certain chemicals, light bulbs, medical supplies, electronic equipment, tires and bulk food products.

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