Unless all the boxes or crates in each truck are being returned to the same vendor, they should be labeled with the following information:

1) Box Number _____ of _____ (total number of boxes in the shipment).

2) Original manifest (pro-forma) number.

3) Return Pedimento Number.

4) Department.

5) Return requested by.

6) Vendor or final destination.

7) Address and phone number of where shipment is to be delivered.

8) Delivery contact.

9) The hour the shipment can be delivered.

10) Directions, if necessary.

11) Any special instructions, if necessary.

Trucks returning items belonging to more than one vendor or being returned to more than one location should be organized, so that boxes/items going to each location should be roped off and separated from other parts of the shipment.
Well-labeled boxes and trucks will not only save on any possible confusion at the border, but will ensure that the correct boxes and pieces of equipment are delivered to the correct destinations thus avoiding the time-consuming and frustrating task of looking for and retrieving missing items.

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