Workshop 1

Is an insulated steel building measuring 230'x85'x20', this workshop is divided into separate areas, and can be used for Grip, Electric, art department, storage, camera department and additional Wardrobe space, the essences of this building is that it can be re-designed according to the project.

Workshop 2

An insulated steel building measuring 230'x85'x20', its use is dedicated for fabrication of sets, the building with 6 roll up doors and a loading dock makes it easy to access from all sides, power is available for construction, no need to bring generator.

Workshop 3

Is an insulated steel building measuring 260'x130'x20', one part of the building is for wardrobe and capable of housing and laundering thousands of costumes, a tailor area dying facilities and laundry department allow for easy wardrobe management, also there are hair, makeup and fitting areas for extras, another area is dedicated for the casting department, a larger part of the building is dedicated for props, set deco and art department workshops.

Workshop 4

Is a steel building that measuring 60'x32'x14' and is used primarily for spfx stunts and Deco workshops.

Workshop 5

A long steel building measuring 80'x50'x20', This building houses a prison set with 25 cells, and can also be converted to a working workshop for spxf or construction.

Workshop 6

Is a steel insulated building with 25'x25'x15' tall and is used for storage or a pint shop.

Dressing Rooms

The actors building is centrally located structure with space for over 40 performers, this building alleviates the need for talent trailers and related equipment, the private dressing rooms are fully furnished, inside the building there are 4 makeup, hair and wardrobe areas.

Construction Tunnels

There are 4 construction tunnels used for welding, plastering and painting, these are 20'x 60'x 20'.

Offices A

With 21 fully furnished offices that include phones and internet, a built in kitchen for catering is also included, with 2 storage areas for expendables, A/C is also available.

Offices B

With 14 fully furnished offices that include phones and internet, this building has 1 small 8 person conference room and a 30 person conference / screening room with a digital projector.

Offices C

With 18 fully furnished offices that include phones and internet, 3 sections for office assistant desks in hall ways, a 20'x30' conference room, it also includes a small kitchen for catering, 3 storage areas for expendables and an ADR room.

Offices D

Is a 2 level building that houses 5 offices in the top level, and with over 6,400 sqft in the bottom level, this is a great area for additional office space or set building, the building is equipped with phone and internet system.

Comissary A

With a seating capacity for over 300 persons and a commercial kitchen, it fulfills all your catering needs, it also houses its own cold room and freezer, and administration office area with internet and plenty of parking space.

Comissary B

Located in the north sides of the studio it’s an additional catering area that seat 100 people, the second level overlooking the New York Street and façade makes for additional exterior seating space.


Some of the world’s largest stages and filming tanks, together with offices, scenery shops, dressing rooms and wardrobe facilities are...
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