Originally, built for the Twentieth Century Fox epic Titanic, Baja Studios is a self-contained production facility with some of the world’s largest stages and filming tanks, together with offices, scenery workshops, dressing rooms and wardrobe facilities are available to accomplish any filming requirement. This complex is built on 46 acres with more than 3000 ft of ocean front overlooking the Pacific Ocean near the Mexican resort community of Rosarito Baja California.

Construction of the facility began on June 6th 1996, since that time several feature films and commercials in addition to Titanic have used the facility. The list includes: Netflix Selena, Sony Coyote, Fox's 911, The Rescue, AMC Fear The Walking Dead 2 and 3, Warner Brothers Point Break, American film company Against the sun, Roadside attractions before the door ALL IS LOST, Metanoia Little Boy, Jumper, dream works 007, Warner Brothers Deep Blue Sea, Disney's KUNG POW, Fox's Master and Commander. Our water and stages have also been used for filming commercials, music videos, television series and Movies of the weeks.


The facility has over 9,000 square feet of permanent office space, 70,000 square feet of enclosed stage space and more than 90,000 square feet of construction workshops, storage areas and physical filtration facilities plant. Tank 1 provides an additional 350,000 square feet of exterior shooting space, flooded or dry. Optional real estate acquisition allows for easy expansion.

New York Town
Tank 1 Crane In Shallow Dept
Tank 2
Tank 3 Plane
Tank 3 Under Water
Tank 4 Lighting Grid


Three hours by freeway from Los Angeles, the studio is located near San Diego, just 30 minutes south of the U.S./Mexican border (latitude N. 32 17’ 173” and longitude W. 117 02’ 268”). The location provides access to the dynamic technical and artistic expertise of the region. Numerous hotels, condominiums and restaurants serve the resort area. In addition, the studio has an authorized heliport for both ease of access and emergency service.

Unobstructed views of the ocean, a combined tank volume of over 20 million gallons and a modern filtration plant capable of delivering 9,000 gallons of filtered sea -water per minute make Baja Studios the premiere facility for water-related work of any kind. The proximity of the studio to California, assortment of location sites near by, cost of construction and a favorable exchange rate combine with the other advantages of filming in Mexico to make Baja Studios an excellent choice for any production, water related or not.

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Some of the world’s largest stages and filming tanks, together with offices, scenery shops, dressing rooms and wardrobe facilities are...
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