Tanks 1
Tank 1

Is a poured concrete pool with a total area of over 360,000 SQFT (600'x600' irregular shape) most of this area is 3.5 feet deep, but 2 deeper section can be filled independent of each other prior to flooding the entire tank, there is a 130'x200' ft section that can be flooded to a depth of 40 ft. The other section is a 40'x300' long and 15' deep section and can be used for long scenes like rivers with running water when tank 1 is completely filled, an overflow weir on the pacific side creates a 420' long seamless infinite horizon with the Pacific Ocean beyond it. Tank 1 has a maximum capacity of 17,000,000 gallons of ocean water, it can be completely filled in about 54 hrs and drained in close to 40 hrs. Tank 1 when not being used with water, it can be used as a dry backtlot build sets.

Tank 2

Is situated inside stage 2, access to the tank is thru 4 roll up doors or a 20' wide concrete ramp that enters near the bottom of the tank. The tank is 100'x200'x29' deep with a capacity of 4,000,000 gallons of ocean water. Located inside the tank is 90'x140' steel platform, supported by a unique hydraulic motion control system that allows for set weighing 0.6 million pounds to be lifted (heavier sets would require buoyancy) lowered and tilted up to 30 degrees with total control. The steel platform was designed to work with unidirectional loads, these lifting points are located at main parallel beams. The riser platform is capable of supporting loads of up to 1.2 million pounds including the weight of the platform. The distributed loads can be people, sets, props, furniture. Concentrated loads must be studied and determined if they need flotation to counter balance the weight. The riser platform can be lowered and raised at a maximum rate of 2.5 ft/second and it can be split in two sections of 90'x70', this tank is equipped with its own filtration system.

Final depth is 21', from the top of the steel platform (21’ is maximum depth of water obtainable).

Tanks 2
Tanks 1
Tank 3

Is an outdoor Tank that accommodates both fresh and salt water, the interior of the tank is painted black, the tank is ideal for surface and insert shots or underwater and green screen photography, a 10' wide ramp provides easy lowering equipped and machinery into the tank for both wet and dry use, the tank can be warmed up 80F, it's close to the street where cranes can easily lift heavy set's, equipment, props.

Tank 4

Is located inside stage 4, the tank is approximately 100'x100' and 42'' inches deep, there is a 30'x35'x12' deep section located near the center of the tank, 2 walls of this tank have an overflow weir, the walls behind the weir can be covered to create a seamless horizon, the tanks is fresh city water, its filtration system can run 24/7 once the tank is filled. The tank can also be heated not going passed 80F to prevent moisture built up, tank 4 is ideal for controlled light and weather conditions were rain and wind are needed.

Tanks 2
Tanks 1
Tank Support

Unique to the nature of water related productions, the studio also provides support in the form of a diving center with rental dive equipment, hot tubs and warming rooms. There are a variety of boats, flotation platforms, walkways and other marine equipment for rent and use in the water tanks. Tanks 2, 3 and 4 can be heated with system generators.


Some of the world’s largest stages and filming tanks, together with offices, scenery shops, dressing rooms and wardrobe facilities are...
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